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RD985S DMR Repeater

This repeater uses universal hardware platform with strong compatibility. The compatibility of the radio is promoted through software upgrade, thereby meeting users’ different requirements at different stages.


  • Smart switch between digital and analog modes
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance
    Unique heat pipe design ensures smooth operation with 100% power
  • Innovative LED design
    Deliver to you the repeater status clearly
  • Flexible IP networking
  • Dual-timeslot audio output in digital mode
  • Repeater Diagnostic and control (RDAC)
  • DMR simulcast and DMR Trunking upgradable


  • UHF1:400-470MHz
  • UHF2:450-520MHz
  • UHF3:350-400MHz
  • VHF1:136-174MHz
  • VHF3:210-270MHz
  • UHF5:806-941MHz

Transmitter Power

  • UHF1/UHF2/UHF3: 1-50W (continuous)
  • UHF5(851-870MHz): 1-35W (continuous)
  • UHF5(935-941MHz): 1-30W (continuous)
  • VHF1/VHF3: 1-50W (continuous)


  • 16 Channels