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Hytera DEM (Digital Evidence Management) (for RVM)

Hytera Digital Evidence Management Platform (DEM) is a multimedia data management system based on cloud storage. It is used for centralized storage and management of data that uploaded from IDS. It supports many advanced features such as data query, digital evidence management, data browsing, data playback, data download, log view, evidence tagging, and user management.


  • Centralized Data Storage and Management
    Supports the automatic collection of digital evidence from distributed IDS.
    Private cloud server for centralized storage and management, collects all the data sources from different places.
  • Redundancy and Security
    Supports redundancy backup and load balancing mechanism for reliability.
    Supports user authorization for security and defines the permission and access level of users.
    Adopts hierarchical management
    Based on the Message-Digest 5 Algorithm (MD5) technology
    The DEM is integrated with AES256 encryption engine.