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TETRA Terminals

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a global standard for digital trunked radio. Secure voice and data transmission and a wide range of features guarantee the adaptability needed to meet the unique requirements of professional mobile radio users.

With demanding communication and data requirements, Hytera is constantly innovating to meet the needs of our TETRA customers. Hytera’s TETRA base stations provide powerful reliability when you need it most, and our radios offer an expansive feature list compliant with the ETSI TETRA open standard, managed through our impressive applications. Discover how we can provide your TETRA infrastructure today to deliver mission-critical communications.


Mobiles (1)

Ideal for vehicles, the Hytera MT680 Plus is the mobile radio of choice for TETRA users. It stands out for its proven reliability, easy operation and ruggedness, offering versatile operat...


Portables (5)

You'll find Hytera two-way radios in sports arenas, on construction sites, at events & conferences... in fact, you'll find them in any location where critical communication is require...